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    1. Motorhomes For Sale

      in Rockport, TX Near San Antonio, Texas

    2. For all of the convenience and luxury of a towable RV without having to put mileage on your truck take a look at the Motorhome RV type. This all in one RV type offers all of the amenities of our towables all wrapped up in one comfortable package. Like our towable types, Motorhomes come in a variety of sizes with a plethora of features to help elevate your travel experience to the next level. Motorhomes are typically identified by class (A, B, or C) which mainly refers to the size/weight of the vehicle. Similarly to towables, each class has its own benefits.
       Class A is the largest of the motorhomes ranging from 26-45 feet typically. These RVs are usually filled with the most amenities of the three classes which is a factor in the higher pricing as well. Class A Motorhomes often include slide-out sides, gas or diesel engines (known as “Diesel Pushers” since the engine is located in the rear), and most, if not all, of the amenities you would expect to find in a home. Many models come standard with a stove / oven, dining area, bathroom, bedroom, and even flat screen LED TV and WiFi.  
      Class B is smaller than the Class A typically ranging from 17-19 feet and built on the chassis of a van. They offer elevated ceilings compared to a standard van, so movement is easier throughout. While they do not have all of the features commonly included with Class A vehicles, they do include enough for a comfortable stay. Typically, Class B Motorhomes will include amenities like a kitchenette, dinette, bed, and water and electric hookups. What Class B Motorhomes lose in features, they make up for in mobility. Since they are built on a van chassis, they are much easier to maneuver through campsites than their larger Class A counterparts. Given their size, Class B Motorhomes can be taken to more remote areas allowing for passengers to experience nature much closer.
      Class C Motorhomes are typically built on the chassis of a “regular” vehicle (pick-up truck) with driver and passenger doors. Like many of the mid-sized and larger moving trucks, Class C Motorhomes usually have a “lip” that hangs over the cab of the vehicle in the front that houses a bed. This Motorhome type commonly features scaled down versions of the amenities found in Class A Motorhomes. Class C Motorhomes will have smaller sleeping areas, more condensed kitchen areas, and less “living area” than Class As, but still offer a comfortable ride and stay.      
      Here at Camper Clinic we carry top of the line units that we will help you maintain with our expert service technicians. Browse our inventory online below, then setup a time to let us show you the Motorhome RV class package that best fits your needs!

    3. Sorry ... Our Inventory is being updated. Please visit our websites: www.CamperClinic.com or or call: Rockport 1-877-888-9444 for immediate assistance & information.

      DISCLAIMER: We work very hard to accurately describe our vehicles through text descriptions and elaborate photos. However, sometimes mistakes and misprints do happen. If you are unsure about an option or feature that you believe is on the unit you are purchasing, please call us and verify BEFORE you finalize your purchase. It is our intent to be 100% accurate in all details, however we reserve the right to modify/change features and/or options as necessary without obligation and/or notice. All new vehicles come with the original Factory warranty backed by the Manufacturer of the product(s). When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle it is not a new vehicle. Any used vehicle can have normal wear and blemishes. Before purchasing please read the descriptions thoroughly and view all pictures.

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